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A Tiny Place

(You wouldn’t know it by looking, but behind that tree is the best tea house in the entire forest!)

Spent an hour or two on Thanksgiving up-sizing another old painting — a process that takes about as long as painting the original (since the brush must touch practically every pixel). It should be done and uploaded in the next few days — preferably before December arrives and all my free time is snatched away forever and ever.

(Feeling pretty low lately… due to sad events which transpired this time last year and the pressures of life in general. Painting — and sharing the results with an audience — helps. It is important to hold the other end of the string.)

Bookmarks for November 28th

  • Ensuring the Future of Food – Neat little animation explaining the future of food from the perspective of Japan. Really, though, the statements within could apply to almost any first-world country. More food should be produced _and_ consumed locally.
  • The Art of the Title Sequence – Exactly what it says on the tin. The presentation is great — thumbnail snapshots taken throughout a title sequence are displayed in an easy to follow manner. I also approve of the typography choices.
  • Lieutenant-General Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart – The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography described him so, “With his black eyepatch and empty sleeve, Carton De Wiart looked like an elegant pirate, and became a figure of legend.” This gentleman seems a good candidate for the title of “toughest person ever”.

There’s Always Yelling

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Bookmarks for November 27th

How To Sneak Out

Today, I am pleased to offer this informative guide produced by Calliope and Huckleberry. Study the tips and diagrams carefully — tomorrow may demand you employ the knowledge contained within!

Particularly if you resemble an edible bird.

Bookmarks for November 26th

  • Superman: The Complete Series – The Fleischer/Famous Studios Superman Film Series is one of the high points of early cartoon animation. To quote the website: "In the early 1940s, this series raised the bar for theatrical shorts with its fluid animation and action-packed storylines. It remains a classic series thanks to its high production values and historical significance not only as the first comic-to-film ad aptation, but also as an occasional vehicle for American propaganda during the war."

Asleep In Sanctuary

She might be casing the place, admiring the collection of books (cats love books), or simply looking for a good place to nap.

Lanterns — of all sorts — were tramping through my restless dreams all night due to a technology outage caused by a dying tree and some unfortunate power lines. When the repair crews arrived, they brought with them portable stars and auto-saws which imbued restless sleep with restless restlessness.

Bookmarks for November 25th

  • Metatropolis is Out! – Finished this audiobook a few days ago. Excellent work by a number of authors exploring the near future of cities in America and around the world. The stories by John Scalzi and Karl Schroeder excelled. The latter’s work, in particular, reminded me of Spook Country, by William Gibson.
  • The ‘Black Swan’ theory – Exposure to the improbable can be fun.
  • The Simon-Ehrlich wager – I side with Simon. Though humanity has and will continue to go through catastophes great (war) and small (bow-ties), we’re quite a clever species.

Uh… Airship! Enemy Airship!

Calliope is demonstrating the universal sign of there-is-a-gargantuan-enemy-airship-getting-ready-to-fire-on-us.

…Or placing a bid in a very interesting auction! Too bad her friend is missing out!

Bookmarks for November 24th

  • somefield – Barnaby Ward's 'blawrg' features his recent work — much like the site you're currently browsing! : )
  • BibliOdyssey: Board Games – Vintage boardgames harvested from vintage books. Highly detailed! Possibly complicated!
  • Pascal Blanchet – Pascal Blanchet has a wonderful portfolio of illustration and design. The orange clock house is particularly attractive.