November 2008
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Day November 16, 2008


I’ll make no apologies for it. I love the bizarre community at deviantART, but the weird and arbitrary nature of the site design does test me at times. Inconsistency is only bearable to a point. Eventually, a rational being is likely to just throw up their proboscises and try something — anything — else. 

The deviantART journal recently began to weigh on me in this manner. I started a mental list: weird RSS feeds, weird layout, weird editing. Eventually, enough was enough — time to act!

So, acting completely rationally, I wasted a whole lot of time installing WordPress on my server this weekend. Or, rather, trying to get image handling to work properly.

It is my — apparently mad — belief that WordPress should support these actions:

  1. Accept an image.
  2. Generate a thumbnail from that image.
  3. Allow the use of the generated thumbnail in a post.

This should not be difficult to accomplish. However, for my life, I can find no support for this capability in the default installation or any plugin. Is this desire so unreasonable?

(Ah, well. Take a look at those full-blown RSS feeds!)