I’ll make no apologies for it. I love the bizarre community at deviantART, but the weird and arbitrary nature of the site design does test me at times. Inconsistency is only bearable to a point. Eventually, a rational being is likely to just throw up their proboscises and try something — anything — else. 

The deviantART journal recently began to weigh on me in this manner. I started a mental list: weird RSS feeds, weird layout, weird editing. Eventually, enough was enough — time to act!

So, acting completely rationally, I wasted a whole lot of time installing WordPress on my server this weekend. Or, rather, trying to get image handling to work properly.

It is my — apparently mad — belief that WordPress should support these actions:

  1. Accept an image.
  2. Generate a thumbnail from that image.
  3. Allow the use of the generated thumbnail in a post.

This should not be difficult to accomplish. However, for my life, I can find no support for this capability in the default installation or any plugin. Is this desire so unreasonable?

(Ah, well. Take a look at those full-blown RSS feeds!)


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  1. If you haven’t figured it out yet, maybe I can help. I had the same problem with my wordpress installation (at my politics and media blog, which i keep separate from my art and music website)

    At the bottom of every post page there is a place to upload a file, but by default that totally does not work – you have to go into the directory where it’s putting files and make sure all of the directories have file permissions set up the same as the other wordpress directories, and the file owner and file group should all match the other wordpress directories. It took me like a month to figure this out. It seems to be working fine continuously now that I’ve gotten the permissions straightened out, I think they were propagating properly from one of the parent directories.

    If I remember correctly, they needed to be chmod 751 or 752 – if you can’t figure it out toss me an email and I’ll help ya out.

  2. ratchetcat,

    Thanks! I think all the permissions are correct, but I’ll take another look at the setup. (If all else fails, I figure I’ll just hack on one of the plugins which purports to do this kind of thing and make it work…)


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