November 2008
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Day November 20, 2008

Reaching Out

Here’s a little portrait of Calliope with her wing pack.

Not as finished as I would prefer, but a friend and I spent nearly half the lunch hour debating zombie recipes. For what it’s worth: pickled in vinegar and formaldehyde, then baked with lemon pepper seasoning.

That’s the way to go, friends.

Calliope’s Book : Stop + Rest Sketch Color

Closer and closer…

Bookmarks for November 20th

  • Radio Wallah – The design detail to be found in these old American, European, and Japanese transistor radios is mind-boggling. Tech-chipper artifacts, for certain!
  • Pocket and Portable Transistor Radios in – Another massive gallery of beautiful old transistor radios. The colors! The aesthetics! The bakelite!
  • The Art (and Random Adventures) of Eric Tan – Eric Tan is the creator of some amazing retro-design posters for recent popular films.
  • Live Piracy Map – The Live Piracy Map displays "all the piracy and armed robbery incidents reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre during 2008". How will a global recession affect pirates, I wonder?
  • 3191 – This site needs more love! 3191 is a journal of daily photographs taken by two people 3191 miles apart.