Reaching Out

Here’s a little portrait of Calliope with her wing pack.

Not as finished as I would prefer, but a friend and I spent nearly half the lunch hour debating zombie recipes. For what it’s worth: pickled in vinegar and formaldehyde, then baked with lemon pepper seasoning.

That’s the way to go, friends.


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  1. em,

    she looks great! so happy about the mischief she’s about to instigate.

    three logistical suggestions:
    1. remember she has a tiny chin. not as tiny as huck’s, but still.
    2. the lenses are a bit too far apart for cat eyes.
    3. i think the wings need a second shoulder strap crossing the first to make an X… otherwise it would pull unevenly. unless that’s what’s hanging loose by her side on the right, in which case please disregard this point.

    ooh, also, general note: remember that cats also have whiskery eyebrows! they are not necessarily something you’d want to include in these drawings, but certainly something to keep in mind and experiment with.

  2. em,

    …though i’m really not sure about pickling then cooking the zombies. i mean, can you think of any other food you cook after pickling? i can’t.

  3. ratchetcat,

    Good points! 😀

    I’m still trying to figure out how the wing pack thing works… so expect some fluctuation on that. In this sketch, the pack has some straps hanging down into which she can place her feet. I’m not sure that’s the best way to go… it might be better if it had some skids or something which would serve as a consistent support for her legs.

    A single crossing strap underneath her front legs might work best for her — something she can quickly leap into and cinch up before lifting off.

    (The pack is a little large in this sketch — actually, the proportions of just about everything are off (including cat chin). It’s rushed… bleh.)