November 2008
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Day November 21, 2008

A Lonely Song

If you see a cat playing a harmonica, maybe you should give it a hug. Or a hat full of money.

Bookmarks for November 21st

  • The Pen Addict – A great place for pen reviews — assuming you haven't already discovered pen nirvana (try the stock Pilot G2).
  • Envelope and Letterfolding – For those who occasionally send a snail-mail letter but despise envelopes. The Box-Lock fold is quick and simple, the Frog fold is certain to get attention, but I personally prefer the Double-Lock.
  • Collection: Classic Illustrators by Name – A massive, curated collection of work by 20th-century illustrators. My favorites: Jack Coggins, James Hill, Frank McCarthy, Ben Stahl, Barbara Bradley — ah, heck, _all of them_.

Calliope’s Book : Stop + Rest

Stand clear! Calliope is taking a nap.

Calliope’s Book is a story about a little white cat who lives in a forested world of rusting mechanical chipmunks and shining metal wings.

What’s particularly special about the image?
1. For a digital image, it’s gigantic: 18 x 24 inches @ 600dpi.
2. Like the previous Speed + Time poster, this image contains parasignals.

This poster is now available in my deviantArt store.