November 2008
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Day November 25, 2008

Asleep In Sanctuary

She might be casing the place, admiring the collection of books (cats love books), or simply looking for a good place to nap.

Lanterns — of all sorts — were tramping through my restless dreams all night due to a technology outage caused by a dying tree and some unfortunate power lines. When the repair crews arrived, they brought with them portable stars and auto-saws which imbued restless sleep with restless restlessness.

Bookmarks for November 25th

  • Metatropolis is Out! – Finished this audiobook a few days ago. Excellent work by a number of authors exploring the near future of cities in America and around the world. The stories by John Scalzi and Karl Schroeder excelled. The latter’s work, in particular, reminded me of Spook Country, by William Gibson.
  • The ‘Black Swan’ theory – Exposure to the improbable can be fun.
  • The Simon-Ehrlich wager – I side with Simon. Though humanity has and will continue to go through catastophes great (war) and small (bow-ties), we’re quite a clever species.