December 2008
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Day December 2, 2008

FeedBurner Hopelessly Broken — Thanks Google

I’ve only been using FeedBurner for about two weeks — but it looks as if Google has already murdered it (as they do with many of their acquisitions and, one assumes, innocent stacks of currency).

Are there any comparable services out there? Will anyone ever see this post and reply? I feel so alone.

Update 2009-05-10: Thought I’d update this post a bit. It appears Feedburner is still misreporting statistics for this site — showing that I have 3 subscribers when I’m fairly certain there are more.

My Dear… Apple Fritter

I’ve seen a lot of buzz about Twilight on the web lately. Fortunately, Defective Yeti has critiqued the novel… and now I don’t ever, ever have to read it.

I am so totally not making this up. Also, he’s a good vampire, insofar as he doesn’t eat people. But he really, really wants to. Hence the brooding. And to make matters worse, he wants to eat Belle more than anyone, because apparently she has great smelling blood. But he’s also in love with her, you see. Oh my goodness, what a pickle! It’s as if you or I were dating an apple fritter.

Emphasis mine. I am so glad most food doesn’t possess a written language.

Remember the Shoes

Today, I present a fairly typical scene from a forest village in this season. How many OSHA violations can you find?

The water bill expedition returned triumphant yesterday — in spite of the sleet, bad roads, and lousy local drivers. While I was there, I inquired as to whether there were any plans to allow online bill payment. In response, the clerk offered to set up a direct bank draft. It really is still 1995 here.

Last night, a not-entirely-unpleasant dream conveyed me to a seat at a small picnic table next to a runway and hangars somewhere in the North American southwest. I and several other people sat beneath an awning and discussed an assortment of odd inventions relating to aviation — not one of which I can remember now. Much of the meeting centered around the problem of marketing a really successful invention. Many of the attendees offered suggestions but frustration among the stakeholders was obvious and no headway was made. Eventually, the meeting was adjourned with the gritty phrase “let’s get this thing off the runway.”

Thanks for the metaphor, subconscious mind.

Bookmarks for December 2nd

  • MAKE: Blog: The Chemistry gift guide – MAKE provides some tips on giving the gift of CHEMISTRY. (I’ve never had a chemistry set, personally, but I can certainly understand their attraction — beyond the wonder of the elemental forces involved, the sets are always depicted as an arrangement of elegant glass adorned with saturated colors. Oh, and I can’t be the only person who treated the Carolina Biological Supply catalog _exactly_ like the Sears Wish Book for years and years…)
  • Down the Rabbit Hole of the Pentagon Graphics Machine – Wallstats highlights the good, the bad, and the ugly of Pentagon presentation graphics. If the armed services were were judged solely by the clarity of their proposals and documentation, half of them would be reorganized tomorrow.
  • The Book Design Review Ranks Book Covers of 2008 – Great work all around, but _Soon I Will Be Invincible_, _Things I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me_, _The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction_, and _Against Happiness_ really stand out.