FeedBurner Hopelessly Broken — Thanks Google

I’ve only been using FeedBurner for about two weeks — but it looks as if Google has already murdered it (as they do with many of their acquisitions and, one assumes, innocent stacks of currency).

Are there any comparable services out there? Will anyone ever see this post and reply? I feel so alone.

Update 2009-05-10: Thought I’d update this post a bit. It appears Feedburner is still misreporting statistics for this site — showing that I have 3 subscribers when I’m fairly certain there are more.


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  1. WordPress should just output a rss.xml file somewhere by default, that people can manually add to, well, whatever – you can get code from google to bring up that add to google homepage/reader page with your rss file, if they want it anywhere else they’d have to copy manually or you’d need some sort of javascript thingy or just have to manually find out the information for adding your rss to a person’s whatever.

    take the Feedburner link, http://add.my.yahoo.com/rss?url=http://feeds.feedburner.com/Catagraphus and change it to
    http://add.my.yahoo.com/rss?url=http://catagraph.us/?feed=rss (or however your wordpress has it set up – i’m guessing catagraph.us/feed/rss or something to that effect. ) and just link it directly from your website – of course you wont have any caching effects feedburner has, if that makes any impact on bandwidth.

  2. ratchetcat,

    Thanks for those tips, saintneko! Ditching FeedBurner is probably the next step if it continues to slide into disrepair… One really wonders why Google would purchase them and then stop maintaining the service — but I’m sure the truth would only discourage us all further.

  3. Doesn’t make them any money – with the economy rapidly going down the drain, they’re starting to trim non-monetized portions of their services. They will probably bring them back when they have the money, they seem sneaky like that. Unfortunately for us small kids dependent on their freebies, it kinda sucks.

    Have you tried sharethis.com ?

  4. Well, let me clarify, sharethis only formats your feed/link for other sites to pick up easily, doesn’t do any caching like feedburner does (makes sense that google would buy them, since they basically cache the internet anyway, near as I can tell. also feedburner provides pretty much every link to every google homepage news feed i have)