Forest Vignettes

Today’s image tests a concept in which I’m interested. Some may call it cleverness or calculated trickery. I look at it as the most elegant way to state my case.

Speaking of vignettes, let me share something I composed during a recent search for a missing boot!

Wasting no time, the tall man sprang atop a nearby table, overturning crockery and drawing frustrated looks from the seated guests.

“Hold!” he cried. “Do not eat! I fear… we have just consumed the scurvy!”

Yells and shouts of consternation rose from around the room. Attendees dropped their utensils and glared at them minutely — as if suddenly burned by the polished metal. A stout man with a great beard rose angrily to address the source of the ominous warning.

The scurvy! Do you claim we are poisoned, sir?”

“Indeed,” the tall man answered gravely, “we are surely now within its power.

Do you see what reading the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will do to a man? Do you?


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  1. em,

    tell me you are not gambling with calliope. i thought you wouldn’t fall for that the last time. will you never learn???

    here is a bit of information you might be interested in: calliope is gathering objects. on december 1st she stole my green felt beret (with a little tuft of rabbit fur on top). i know she stole something on the 2nd but am not sure what — the only thing i witnessed was a paper towel. i suspect she is building some sort of advent calendar of theft. steal an object every day till christmas!

  2. ratchetcat,

    What might calliope be constructing from those objects?!

    If my calculations are correct, the situation is worse than even my great mind suspected. Even now, Calliope must complete the construction of an orbital intervenculator in her hidden laboratory. This monstrous device is intended for one purpose: to bring our world’s orbital cycle to a hideous, jarring cessation.

    That’s all very well for the few who live to confound gravity and seasonal weather! It does not serve those of us constructed of squashy organic meats!

  3. totally unrelated but it seems I haven’t mastered the ability to comment on my own blog (tell me your secrets ratchetcat), regarding Sigma lenses, if you like fixed focal length, they make a nice 20mm f/1.8 ultra-wide-angle lens. I got to play with one for a while, that wide aperture makes for some crazy shallow depth of field. witness:

    I’m pretty sure it was the 20mm but may have been the 24. The extra aperture really helps those soft indoor scenes. My current lens is a zoom f/2.8 and not quite as forgiving. Here’s one taken with the 2.8 on our canon:

    My next wish is for a camera with a real sensor (when the 5ds mark2 ex alpha plus street fighter edition is the latest, and the current 5ds mark whatever is a reasonable price) so I can make the fullest use of my nice glass. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. 🙂

  4. em,

    i suspect you have had too much caffeine. i’m relatively certain she’s just making her own advent calendar of thievery. i mean, she has a vested interest in gravity, seeing as it keeps the food where she can reach it — and limits the places Huck can go. (remember that she can jump high in the air; he cannot. lack of gravity would erase this difference.)

  5. ratchetcat,

    @em: That’s certainly true. Let’s take that to its logical conclusion, though — what if she’s trying to increase gravity? Hmm.

    @saintneko: I did run into some difficulty commenting on your blog. I think the “preview” function is broken… or, at least, it didn’t seem to work for me. Submitting the comment with a name and URL did work, though.

    I love prime lenses. The cheap Canon 50mm made me a believer. Thanks for sharing your photos! I may have to pick one up — it would almost certainly take care of the issues I’ve experienced with that Sigma telephoto.

    Oh, you are not alone in desiring a 5ds. I’m using a 20d right now — and love it — but the siren call of that full frame sensor is growing ever stronger. Must. Resist.

  6. If you’re interested in creative lensing – you can get old M42 screw mount lenses and buy an adapter (about 25 bucks on ebay) and then put a few really cheap (but good – i mean, check these crazy things out ) lenses on your camera – i just got a old broken vivitar for free with a 50mm lens on it (which actually works okay just holding the lens up in front of my camera – and produces a nice effect )

    Now that I have an adapter on they way, I’m going to have to start scouring local pawnshops and second hand stores for old lenses. Best part is most of them are prime. This new 50mm has reinvigorated my desire to produce artistic photography – my initial lens took ‘good’ pictures, my new sigma takes beautiful pictures, but the old lenses have character you can’t buy or make, especially since they’re not made to fit the sensor.

  7. ratchetcat,

    @saintneko — That. Is. Awesome. Makes perfect sense to do it, too — since those old lenses are still quite viable (unless they’ve got mold growing within them or a mechanical issue). I’ve got a couple of old Mamiya TLR lenses that I’d love to use with my Canon, actually… I’ll have to try your trick of holding them up… and maybe see if an adaptor can be rigged together.

    (Thanks for these great suggestions — if you don’t mind, I may gather them together in a post soon and link back to your website.)