December 2008
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Day December 6, 2008

Bookmarks for December 6th

  • Eames Shell Chair Step by Step – Great video — filmed by the office of Charles Eames for Herman Miller (and posted by Core77) — detailing the production of the Eames Shell chair.
  • Alex Payne : How I Use TextMate – Alex Payne — API Lead at Twitter, Inc — has posted a short description of how he makes use of TextMate. Currently: TextMate is my favorite text editor in OS X, the E – TextEditor is my favorite text editor in Windows (it's directly inspired by TextMate), and Vim is my favorite text editor when there are no other options and I feel like hammering on the keyboard a lot.
  • Dave Gray’s reading list – Dave Gray — of XPLANE, the "visual thinking company" — shares a list of books about visual thinking. More complex things should be explained in this way. Maybe someone should build software tools that really enable it. Hmm.