Strange Machine

“A strange machine pulsed with power in the room beyond…”

A couple of interesting developments today. If you look at the sidebar, you’ll notice a new link to my profile at inPRNT! — a great site which serves as a point of sale and print fulfillment service for the work of many talented artists.

Last night, I finally finished up revisions to Somewhere, A Home For Me (formerly titled Somewhere There Is a Home For Me). I also completed some small revisions to Calliope’s Book: Stop + Rest. Those changes should be mirrored on deviantART shortly.

I added a hoopty gallery page to the site yesterday, as well. It’s simple, but serves to publicize what I do.

Can you feel it’s going to be a strange week? I can.


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  1. Airships, cats, cities all stacked up, and convoluted tubular machinery are some of my favorite things. And trees, yes, I grow bonsai.

  2. ratchetcat,

    You clearly possess a refined and admirable taste, saintneko. 🙂