Climbing Up

“Calliope climbed onto the narrow pipe…”

(Looks like those empire builders can’t leave their warren of pipes and strange machines alone for a second without a kid and a cat getting all up ins. Apologies for the bad cat anatomy — I know I can do better.)

I’m nearly finished with Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. I think there are some weaknesses to the arguments being made in the last chapter — and that’s really slowing me down. Most of the points he makes in the book seem quite well supported in comparison. More on that later — if there’s time.

Spent a great deal of time last night organizing my dusty collection of old computer parts. It’s ridiculous how such things adhere themselves to one’s person. There was a constant sense of deja vu. I know I’ve placed these parts into boxes before — fully intending to give them away — only to renege in the belief I might need those exact parts one more time. In this way, madness is perpetuated.

(Let’s ignore the fact that I had a legitimate need for a 1.2MB 5.25 floppy disk drive just the other day, shall we?)


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  1. Like any good nerd I’ve got a cache of computer bits, though mostly cables at this juncture. I’ve found rubbermaid containers are good for storage, and if you have a huge tangle of cables, keeping them in ziplock bags is a great way to be able to toss stacks of them around without having to worry about the tanglies. Stackable food-storage containers are good for organizing parts, too (especially as parts get more modern and less box-shaped).

    I’m down to only a box or two of computer parts, but i’ve replaced all the computer junk with synthesizers and camera parts now. 🙂 At least I’m better than my friend, not only does he still have several 5.25 floppies (and drives), he doesn’t even throw away parts that have failed, just in case it wasn’t the part itself but the computer it was attached to or the cable. I have to give him credit though, whenever I’ve been like “help I need a shitty old cdrom with interface xx” he’ll give me a stack of them and say “throw away the ones that don’t work.” 😉

  2. em,

    the back half looks great actually. you’re right, you can do better on the front half. and you will.

    old computer parts… i still have a HUGE monitor! and since i have determined that i can’t really get rid of my PC just yet i still wonder if there’s some way i can (cheaply) replace that monstrosity with something a little sleeker. argh.

  3. ratchetcat,

    Right on. I’ve mainly made use of big banker’s boxes for storage. Those — and a pile of good velcro ties — are great for stowing a lot of hardware quickly (if not exactly very neatly).

    Like you, I’ve got loads of other tech stuff clamoring for space. Maybe I’ll set a limit of one box this time. Everything else must go.

    (Except for that LapLink cable. Gotta hang on to that. Who knows when a 1400LT will just drop out of the sky? Oh… and those jumpers… and that old SCSI board…)

  4. ratchetcat,

    @em – Yeah, those old CRTs are a beast. 🙁 LCDs are far easier to handle. You have to be careful with the cheap LCDs, though — depending on the display panel technology, they can be pretty bad.

    If I recall correctly, the best LCDs use S-IPS technology — but they’re pretty expensive, still. Cheaper panels are almost always TN-based and have issues with narrow viewing angles. If you’re not planning to do any color-sensitive stuff, though, they might be okay.