The Shimmering Cube

“She observed a cube shimmering in the air below.”

I’ve recently gone attic mining. Even if you have an attic — or know where one may be found — there’s a good chance you’ve never ventured into its depths. Rightly so, I say, for there are unseen dangers. I speak, of course, of the awful old books which migrate into the attic when they have finished poisoning the bookshelves in the living room. If there is interest, I shall endeavor to provide examples tomorrow.

There are some small compensations. As it happens, mysterious cases also migrate to attics. Please note the clever camouflage adopted by these fine examples!


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  1. em,

    those look wonderfully mysterious! the one on the left could be backgammon if it’s small enough.

  2. fortson,

    Yes, please to give examples!
    The briefcase is excruciatingly compelling…

  3. Отличная тема.


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