Catching the Light

“Close enough to catch!”

Time to upgrade WordPress — again. The updates are coming so fast that I’m considering putting the whole site into git and automating updates through Capistrano. The amount of time saved could be quite significant — which becomes ever more important as the end of the year approaches.

With respect to Calliope’s Book: Being an amateur story-teller, I possess only a rough idea of where the current situation is headed. Engaging in inexpensive exploration — like sketching — seems a good way to feel things out, but requires the audience to accept the possibility of changes along the way. I like Linus Pauling’s viewpoint in these matters: “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.” I hope that’s agreeable.


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  1. Cats are always in trouble.

  2. ratchetcat,

    True. If you see a cat, it’s likely there is some trouble nearby.

  3. em,

    at first glance i thought she was a bunny. which suggests that maybe at some stage they should meet a bunny. possibly a nefarious one? or not so much nefarious as mischievous.

  4. ratchetcat,

    A mischievous bunny? I’ll take that into consideration.