The Dream of Flight

"She flew endlessly over a spoken sea of secret language..."

“She flew endlessly over a spoken sea of secret language…”

This is the kind of thing that occurs when you jump into a flying cube. Let that be a lesson to you, Calliope.

Meanwhile, I am struggling to decide whether I want to purchase a new Canon Pixma Pro 9000… or some other printer which is fairly durable, produces high-quality output, and doesn’t suffer from clogging issues. According to the Amazon reviews, the only major downside to the Pro 9000 are Canon’s typically half-baked drivers — which apparently prevent it from handling custom paper sizes, provide misleading ink level information, and disallow borderless output on some types of paper.


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  1. I got a little Canon Selphy 4×6 photo printer. It uses dye sublimation printing technology, so there is no possibility of clogging issues. Drawback: one paper size (well, i guess I could do 4xwhatever panoramic if they make the paper for it). Also need special paper, but that comes with the dye-sub cartridges. Ends up around 30 cents a print, nicer than what you’re gonna get from Wal*mart or Target, but not quite as nice as what you’d get from a competent digital print shop.

    Amazingly it has Vista 64 driver, and perhaps more amazingly works flawlessly.

  2. ratchetcat,

    @saintneko – The self-contained nature of the Selphy printers is pretty appealing. I’d probably consider one if more media options were available — I haven’t see many thus far.

    (It’s coming down to a choice between the MP620/980 models and a Pro 9000. The smaller printers are enticing — I’m not likely to often need to print above 8.5 x 11 inches and it’d be great to save some space and replace the old scanner. I just wonder whether the output will be up to what I’d see from the Pro 9000. Hmm.)