A Closer Inspection


“The light was blinding. There was a great whistle and chatter — as though a hundred steam engines were running fast and close — and the floor seemed to tremble beneath his feet.”

Update: It just struck me that today’s dramatic sketch unintentionally mirrors religious imagery depicting a divine being’s interaction with — or focus on — earth-bound mortals. (In the west, at least, there’s a near-reflexive tendency to read the top of a vertically-oriented image as “up” or “sky” and the bottom as “down” or “ground” — I imagine the same holds true wherever gravity is practiced).

(It’s not an entirely inappropriate association in this case. If you’re a child obsessed with engineering and machinery and you encounter an ancient entity exhibiting some sign of these practices, how else would a first encounter appear?)


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  1. em,

    is that a platypus dirigible???

  2. Kate,

    I believe there must be at least one dirigible platypus out there.

    (We may need to start a search party…)

  3. ratchetcat,

    Guards! Collect… the search party!

    Incidentally, I hope this illustrates how almost everything is improved with the addition of a dramatic pause.

    Example #1: “Those birds… are flying south for the winter!”

    Example #2: “My shoelaces… are very well tied!”

    Example #3: “Sherlock Holmes… is right behind you!”

  4. Kate,

    Firstly, with the birds long gone and footwear in such spick-span shape, who wouldn’t want to meet that legendary man??

    Secondly, you’re onto something with this… “dramatic pause.” Further conversations should continue… in this way!

  5. em,

    the most terrifying use of dramatic pause that i can come up with is
    Calliope…is right behind you!

  6. ratchetcat,

    @Kate – An excellent question! I shall answer. One’s desire to meet Holmes is inversely proportional to the imminent success of meticulous plot… to raid the royal treasury through the artifice of bird migration and specialized shoelaces!

    @em – Someone screamed in abject terror when I read your comment. Eventually, I realized the person screaming… was me!

  7. Kate,

    Ahh. I forgot about that, the most master of master plans. I suppose I am to be arrested now, seeing that the gumshoe sniffed my ol’ yegg trail out. Blasted… fluffy cupcakes! Any chance Calliope will fly in to offer a ride in this magnificent cube?

  8. ratchetcat,

    @Kate – If Calliope were in control of the shimmering cube, there is little doubt she would do her best to confound the work of great detectives… and steal their iconic headwear!

    (Regardless, she would probably levy a significant fee for the rescue.)

  9. Kate,

    Floating cube aside, the only fee I’ve ever paid to obtain iconic headwear was that to the green man in tights, Robyn Hood. I have to say, his hat fantastically comfortable and it came with a… grand tickling feather!!

    Little use, unless Sherlock has a humorous taking to ticklish affliction. (Or Calliope, for that matter.)