Outlaw Cat Is Reviewing Your Camera


Don’t worry — we’ll try to pick up the thread with Calliope and Duck again soon. Assuming I can get any sleep. I keep forgetting to pack my pencil and eraser in the mornings.

The demos for the new iMovie and iPhoto are impressive. However, I haven’t shot video in ages and use Adobe Lightroom for all my photo management. These products aren’t really for me. They do make me want to play, though… and maybe pick up one of those new hot high-def-movie-shooting DSLRs.


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  1. em,

    Outlaw Cat has learned many things from Calliope.

  2. Kate,

    🙂 I believe Outlaw Cat is mirroring what I did upon finding a fancy flash in the the $2 thrift store bin…

  3. ratchetcat,

    It’s amazing what that auto-strobe setting will do… *squint*