Toy Cars: 1983 Matchbox Lancia Rally


Take a look at that beautiful rust! Just like the real thing.


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  1. That’s pretty cool – have you looked into learning how to do HDR photography? It helps bring out details in high contrast images like this.

  2. ratchetcat,

    I’ve done a bit of HDR photography in the past — but didn’t even think of it while I was working on this project. Good idea! I’ll try to revisit the subject using that technique.

  3. I’ve found you can save time with HDR by turning on auto exposure bracketing (for some reason my camera never saves this setting so i have to re-set it every time), then you just have to adjust the exposure via meter once, and will have 6 exposures to pick from. Totally speeds up the photographic workflow.


  4. ratchetcat,

    Right on! That’s exactly the procedure I used for shooting HDR previously. The biggest issue in those first experiments was organizing and collecting photographs after shooting — neither iPhoto or my own organization methods were really up to scratch in late 2006. The second biggest issue was not approaching the process with repeatability in mind — or, at least, with using the camera’s built-in light-metering to its fullest effect.

    Since my whole workflow is centered on Lightroom now, it would be really nice to see a good HDR plugin. Hmm. A quick googling just now revealed a article and video — something to check out later today.

  5. Yeah, photoshop’s HDR plugin is pretty ass. My rather laborious workflow involves getting the Kelvin setting for whitebalance out of photoshop, manually plugging it into Photomatix (i just drag and drop the 6 raw files directly into Photomatix and input the Kelvin setting). I merge and play around with the settings in Photomatix until I get it lookin right, then save as 16-bit tiff, and have Photomatix set to automatically open the tiff up in Photoshop upon completion of save process (could easily be set to open in LR). You can get a PS plugin with Photomatix, but I don’t think it’s as full-featured as the stand alone, and dunno if that’ll also work with LR. I’ll check out that article and video later today (and probably re-install LR, I’d forgotten about that, way better for the minimal photo adjusting I do, save photoshop for the design times).

  6. ratchetcat,

    @saint – Ah, that’s the one I’ve been meaning to try — Photomatix. (Thanks for outlining your process. Really loved the shot of the plant you posted recently.)

  7. Apparently with Photomatix and LR, you can drag from LR into Photomatix (or at least bridge) which solves a problem for me of not having CR2 thumbnails in windows (a lot of “which freaking IMG_#### out of a few hundred was it again” time will be saved).

    I found this fairly detailed tutorial in the comments of that article and video you posted. Seems to be full of pretty good info for repairing parts that don’t look right or have motion blur.

  8. Lightroom killer tips has made it into my RSS ‘gator. I had no idea Lightroom as a cataloging tool could be so handy for keeping track of images through the use of stacks. Thx for the tip-off.