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Day January 14, 2009

Manfred the Improbable: Office Pet


Per Katensam’s request, I’m sharing what might pass for an “office pet” — if one desired an office pet who was completely random and abstracted from the pervasive weird background noise of the last two days.

Manfred’s motto: 50 million to one against!

Do You Dream of the Grand Canyon?

John August has posted the full-length pilot of The Remnants.

For the past few months, the pilot has been shopped around to advertisers and other possible sponsors, but given the economy and my schedule, it’s looking unlikely that a confluence of money and time will lead us to shoot more. So I wanted to let people see it, particularly because it features some actors who should be on more lists. Including Ze Frank, who is now an Angeleno.

Intriguing, John August! I want to see more. Particularly, I want to see people carving the Grand Canyon in their mashed potatoes a la Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Toy Cars: 1983 Matchbox Kremer Porsche CKS


You can almost hear the brakes hissing.