Toy Cars: 1983 Matchbox Kremer Porsche CKS


You can almost hear the brakes hissing.


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  1. I’m starting to feel jealous. Where we these shit-hot matchboxes when I was four? I never had matchbox cars that cool, I was stuck with douchey, mulletous ‘Vettes and Camaros.

    We need more aerodynamics in our transportation. I bet that new jet engine technology (the one with kinda serrated edge around the outlet) that helps quiet the engines by mixing the inside air with the outside air more effeciently would boost overall aerodynamic efficiency of a car/plane body. Say we scalloped (or would this be knurling?) the edges of car bumpers/bottom/back edges? Would that quiet the air noise of a car, would that improve the efficiency with which it moves through the air? An interesting question, to be sure.


  2. oh hell muffed that one all up. At least the link isn’t broken, and doesn’t do anything other than embarrass my html skillz.

  3. ratchetcat,

    I know what you mean. Growing up, most of my toy cars were considerably more diminutive than these larger Matchbox replicas. I’m not sure when the latter collection came into my possession, exactly, but probably well past the age at which I would normally play with them. They sat in a box in my dad’s garage until very recently — hence, the rust and other defects.

    Interesting thought regarding the noise reduction and aerodynamic improvements afforded by purposefully perturbed air. I would guess that some design choices on vehicles produced by higher-end, design-conscious makes (Audi, maybe?) are visible evidence of such engineering.

  4. Possibly – although lots of ‘higher-end’ cars include spoilers in their design… which just slow your car down unless you’re ripping past at near-Nascar speeds. The best road-aerodynamics that are about to become available to the slightly-above-average consumer are in the Aptera future-mobile.

    I didn’t realize these were bigger than normal. How long are they?

    Also, how does one set themselves up with an avatar (gravatar ?) around these parts?

  5. ratchetcat,

    @saint – Yeah, the Aptera looks pretty sick. I remember seeing a concept that looked a bit different previously — maybe they just took a shot (or rendering) from a different angle, though. (Reminds me of an old Ford concept car which had a lower coefficient of drag than an F-15.)

    These Matchbox cars are each about 4 inches long.

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