Basically, They’re All Assassins

We’re All Gonna Die: 100 meters of existence is a 100-meter photograph taken by Simon Hoegsburg over the course of 20 days on a railroad bridge in Berlin in 2007.

The presentation is exceptional for such a large photograph… and yeah, just about everyone photographed looks like the Hollywood conception of a hitman.


(Update: Hmm. I didn’t mean to imply all Germans look like assassins in the title of this post — just that there was a certain Hollywood ‘look’ to the individuals photographed. Apologies if anyone is — or was — offended.)


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  1. Kate,

    Jeebus; that’s brilliant!

  2. As an approximate half-German (blood only, no culture from my deadbeat dad) I have to say I’m flattered by the “look like assassins” comment – I myself buy all my sunglasses and glasses based on a “mad scientist/assassin fashion” scale.

    Another quarter of me is Italian, and most of my cultural heritage is of the Italian-American persuasion as I was raised by my grandpa, a 1st gen, and that quarter also appreciates the assassin look. Hmm, wonder why. 🙂