Weighty Things



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  1. Where’s the cat sleepin on top of that and the caption “got some bizniz to do” ? 😀

  2. ratchetcat,

    Good question! No cats here yet — I’m honestly not sure how I’d keep track of them… maybe some kind of RFID system with readers in the doors? And gait tracking? That could be fun.

  3. I wonder how far the range on those microchip readers could be made – like if you had a RFID system like stores do, built into your doorways, if they could track the chips in cats.

    And honestly I expect that the whole scare about our society being implanted and tracked with RFID is going to be a non-issue before the technology to do such things becomes widespread. Why? Because we will all have computers implanted in us by that time, and be tracking ourselves. 😀 You know those Family Circus cartoons with little Billy and his dotted-line tracks? We’re going to be making those for fun out of GPS/altimeter tracking of where we’ve been.

    I bet our tracks will look like fractal flower petals arranged around our homes, too.

  4. ratchetcat,

    @saint – Ha! You’re probably right. Could be put some neat uses with respect to solving difficult traffic problems, too — though people are already doing that to some degree by sharing data among lots of GPS receivers (like the Dash units).