1965 CCCP Aircraft Stamps


The various Soviet aircraft depicted in these stamps: Antonov An-22 (the world’s largest production aircraft until the advent of the C-5 Galaxy), Beriev Be-10 (jet-powered flying boat and patrol bomber), Antonov An-24, the Mil Mi-10 (a flying crane helicopter), and the Tupolev Tu-134.


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  1. Wow that BE-10 looks straight oughta the ’50s “this is what everything’s gonna look like in 50 years” dreaming…. needs more chrome though. Looking at the stamp, I thought it was just wishful thinking (or maybe that sympathetic magic you learn about in art history for cave paintings where they paint what they want to have happen before it does).

    But the most awesome thing is that crane helicopter seems to be carrying… a VW bus.

  2. ratchetcat,

    The BE-10 reminds me a lot of the B-58 Hustler, for some reason. Both emerged in the late 1950s as every aircraft concept imaginable was revolutionized by jet power. Both also saw a brief production run and service life.

    (Hmm. On further consideration, the P6M Seamaster is probably a better aircraft for direct comparison.)