Placing The Call


Yesterday, when I wrote “re-reading” Bellwether, I really meant “listening to Bellwether as narrated by Kate Reading” — for audiobooks are one of my favorite avenues of ingesting books anew.

Today, I was surprised to discover Kate Reading is a pseudonym used by actress Jennifer Mendenhall. She apparently grew up in England — which might explain her fantastically nuanced voice — and has narrated dozens of books over the last twenty years. Mind-boggling.

Back to the races, I guess.


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  1. Audiobooks and doodling go well together. Read an article the other day that some scientists did a study and found that people recall better when they doodle during a lecture because it keeps their mind from wandering off into thought by taking up just enough attention to allow your brain to absorb what you’re hearing.

  2. ratchetcat,

    Absolutely. One of my favorite things to do while working on paintings… (though I haven’t been able to indulge much lately).

    (Speaking of brains: Geoffrey Grosenbach interviewed Dr. John Medina last year — a developmental molecular biologist. It’s a two part interview and they delve into a lot of interesting details about how the brain processes information.)

  3. Good stuff, thanx for the link.