She, Her Cat, and Storms


Taking a little break from illustrating The Endless City.

Today, Amazon released an e-book reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s free and seems to work pretty well.

Of course, I immediately purchased a copy of Vernor Vinge’s Tatja Grimm’s World. In spite of the annoying and awful DRM applied to the e-book version, this collection of stories is one of my favorites — not only because of the setting, but because Tatja Grimm’s World features one of Paul Lehr’s best cover paintings.

Today’s sketch is a response to that painting. Whenever I see those distant sea stacks, I imagine someone gazing outward atop them.

Update 2009-03-05: I’ve heard some reports that typeface selection is up to the publisher of each Kindle e-book — so there’s some potential for disaster. The typeface used in TGW is pretty easy on the eyes. It looks like Century Schoolbook.


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  1. Christy,

    I want to be that woman in the picture. Reminds me of the feeling of hikes on foggy days in the Appalachians . . . . where you get up to a rocky precipice, and see nothing but a sea of moving gray mists!