The League Of Disreputable Office Animals


They threw a party — a party with snacks, drinks, smoke sticks, and gambling — and told none of us!

From left to right: Angus (drink tester and erstwhile leader), Lucky (lucky), Project Glowyrm (official snack laserer), The Mache Giraffe (taking meeting minutes), Outlaw Cat (treasurer).

(Had the idea for this piece a few weeks ago. It’s nice to finally see it realized.)


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  1. Sam,

    Haha!! Oh man!

    I’m a tad high because I was accidently locked in Kates garage with a bunch of spray paint fumes (painting the Mache Giraffe!) , she came back with me pressed against the window looking helpless and… high. So it make this even more full of awesome. Not that it’s not super cool already…. Uh.

    You know, I do imagine Lucky and PGW would hang out, perhaps rule the world and hoard snacks… laser food and college students dreams.

    I’d also get this in huge print form, hang it over my mantel. Be ten times cooler than the paintings of dogs playing poker.

    I also love how the giraffe is conked out on the table with a lit cigar? I hope… if that’s a fire work…

    You made my night! :3

  2. Kate,

    After a long day of painting on coats of giraffe… coat, this utterly made it all worth while! 😀

    I can’t stop laughing at the unlikely group’s super-secret gathering! How dare they not invite us! (But it does seem to always be that way with one’s creations: running off on you in the middle of the night, without a hint of where they’re going; taking your snacks; hanging around in shady places with inscrutable characters…) We’ll have to throw our own party to spite them.

    I agree with Sam, over the mantle and, to added effect, as a woven rug on the floor. Double the viewing pleasure!

    (I didn’t know PGW enjoyed acupuncture!)

  3. ratchetcat,


    Sam, you got locked in? Hopefully, the fumes didn’t cause a big headache… I’ve had more than a few paint headaches in my time. They’re bad news.

    (I’d love to do a big painting of this… maybe even add a few more animals in the background… like Calliope and Bob and Smithson, Attorneys at Law.)

    (Good point about creations running away, Kate! Always happens.)

  4. Sam,

    Ha, yeah… they sealed up the door that leads into the house, and I’ve been in her garage a total of probably five times throughout the years I’ve known her (and been in her house. Heck, I own a house key!). So if there’s some way to open it from the inside (which I imagine there is) I have no idea where it is, and the air was too hazy and full of fumes I probably wouldn’t have been able to operate anything. So Instead I stood pressed against one of the door windows waiting for her to come back. Of course when she did she gave me a confused look and asked what happened… as if I would know. I was just painting when the door started closing… I even yelled “HEY DON’T CLOSE THE DOOR!” but I don’t think she heard me.

    No, luckily I just got the high without the head ache, but I know what you mean! I once spray painted a desk and I got the worst head ache ever.

    You should! If you ever have the time, it would be awesome. And expanding it with more animals would be grrreat.

  5. Kate,

    Do you know, and know how to do, everything?? (It must be curse the left-handed genius.)

  6. ratchetcat,

    @Sam – I’ll see what I can do. Haven’t painted in weeks due to all this other junk going on. 🙁

    @Kate – How did you know? It is a huge curse. Nothing works right — er, left — so, I’m constantly having to adapt. I might as well be an alien to this world.

  7. Kate,

    Would you testify to that in a court of law? 😉

  8. Sam,

    No problem, I understand — a lot. I’m having to help my mom pack our entire house because we’re moving across the country. So I get the busy-ness

    It can just be a rainy day project. 🙂

  9. ratchetcat,

    @Kate – With one hand tied behind my back. 😉

    @Sam – I had no idea. That is really tough — particularly if you’ve lived in the same place for many years. Going through a similar process here, too.

    (Hopefully, there will be a rainy day sometime soon. April is supposed to be rainy, right? I need a break.)

  10. Sam,

    Oh no, it’s okay. It’s just the crazy situations that come with the moving situation, the clutter and general stress. I suppose it has it’s silver lining, you get to go through everything and get it all straightened out (besides we’ve only lived here five years, so it hasn’t been too long).

    Yes? I think so, depending on where you are, though I’m not sure what’s it like by you, never lived around there (Okay, so I was born in SC, but I only lived there a bit because of a flippin’ hurricane, that and it was by the beach so the weather is _still_ different.)

    I’ll… get to work on my weather machine. Maybe send a monsoon your way :), have a whole week off.