Landings VI

This illustration places the viewer at the end of a large airdock. In the foreground, a man is holding signaling paddles in a configuration intended to convey the presence of crosswinds and alignment to the pilots of an airship in the distance. Below the airship, a train of signal flags is being tossed about in the wind.

The world needs more airships.


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  1. Kate,

    The world needs more aircrafts that resemble ships. 😀

  2. Christy,

    I want to grab a hold of the tail and go along for the ride!

  3. Sam,

    My mom was a mechanic when she was in the Navy, she said she used to direct planes/ air crafts sometimes (but I think she mostly worked on the engines that pulled the jets and what not around).

    That guy just reminded me of that, but that airship looks amazing… and like Christy, I want to hitch a ride on the tail. Looks like that of a kite!

  4. ratchetcat,

    Hitching a ride on the tail would be a lot of fun!

    Sam, that’s so neat. I wish I knew how the direction signals worked — it’d probably make these little sketches far better. Maybe I can hang out at an airport sometime…

  5. ratchetcat,

    Oh — what about ships that resemble aircraft? Wasn’t there a movie about some people who turned a cargo plane into a life raft or something recently? 😉

  6. Sam,

    They’re actually pretty basic. To go right you extend your right arm out straight, and then you do the same with your left but motion it upward to the right by bending your elbow (if that makes any sense), and vise versa with the left. To come forward you just motioning forward toward you, and to stop you bring your arms in front of you to make an ‘X’. During the day they don’t use the little lighted cones, and so when they do “Stop and break” then bring there arms to an ‘X’ and then slowly close their hands to a fist to signal ‘brake’.

    Pretty simple, if you got any of that. But I can imagine hanging out at the airport would be a bit easier, with the actual guys doing it there and all.

    Oh! And when they’re launching off air craft carriers you stand on one leg with the raised leg behind you and you bend forward with an arm out (much like super man I guess) to say “It’s okay to launch” to the guys working the cords (sometimes they kneel on one knee and do the same, which might be safer). And helicopters, you raise your hand straight up to make a twirling motion to say it’s okay to turn on your blade. They’re more there to make sure everyones safe.

    😀 Hope that helped.

  7. ratchetcat,

    Awesome — thanks! 🙂 That does help. Now, what signal is the guy in this picture sending? Heh. (Maybe he’s indicating a starboard crosswind or something…)

  8. Sam,

    Maybe, depending on which way he’s really moving, he could also be telling them to go really far left. Or _maybe_ this is a case of intrepretive dance! (or he could even be using those to reflect light in the eyes of some unseen spy to blind them).

    We may never know.

  9. ratchetcat,

    Ha ha ha! 😀