March 2009
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Day March 9, 2009

My Tiny Unseen House

This illustration depicts a large treehouse -- complete with stovepipe. The facade of the house features a great circular window through which an owl is peeking, as well as a door. Another owl stands on the roof of the house.

Spent a good portion of the weekend up in a hot attic, playing reverse-Tetris with several filing cabinets, a headboard, and at least one defunct baseboard heater.

Not recommended — unless there’s a rumor of treasure, of course.

Speaking of treasure: the other day, I ran across a mention of Letterboxing. In this practice, participants provide clues and riddles that point the way to hidden waterproof caches containing a notebook and a stamp. If that sounds intriguing, you may find more details at Atlas Quest and Letterboxing North America.

Geocaching is a similar practice — differing only in the typical cache procedures and the requirement of a GPS device.

Both activities all but guarantee adventure — in addition to the development of certain important skills. For example, the proper use of dead drops.

Everyone should know how to use a dead drop.