The Sunshine Underground

The Orange Cat is silhouetted while he walks upon an old road. Through the trees surrounding the road, rays of sunlight are visible.

I love Saturday.


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  1. Kate,

    Happy Saturday! <3

  2. Sam,

    Love the song! Though I have to say, while watching it I decided I was really hungry and went and got something to eat, I nabbed a spoon-full as I sat back down and looked up just as … what appeared to be, something dead decomposing. I’m normally not grossed out by that whole process of nature, but with, the food in my mouth… Eh well.

    I like the warmth of the picture, I want to plop in one of the sun beams. They look so toasty, even more so because I’m so cold right now!

    🙂 awesome over all.

  3. ratchetcat,

    I had forgotten about the decomposition sequence in there. Sorry about that! The high-level universe-as-microcosm perspective of the video is really well done, though.

    (I actually pre-scheduled this post on Friday in the hopes that Saturday would be bright and sunny while away on my trip. It turned out to be rainy and foggy — but still a really great day.)

  4. Sam,

    Haha it’s alright, not your fault, just bad timing on my part.

    Yes! It was an amazing video (decomposition and all).

    Well… I don’t know what to tell you with that. But, it was good you had a good day! That and rainy foggy days are usually nice, specially when traveling. It just means you can wear comfy sweaters or coats.