Live Painting: Noodling Around

Painting and sketching for a little while right now at

All done for tonight!

(Background audio may include Aimee Mann, Stars, Fleet Foxes, Regina Spektor, She & Him, Kate Bush, Andrew Bird, Alexi Murdoch, Loney Dear, and The Decemberists.)


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  1. Kate,

    D: Darn you! So fast and sneaky! I love watching those things live!

  2. Kate,

    HAH! Haha!! The scary cat floating above the northern city, the flash at the end! This made my day! XD

  3. ratchetcat,

    Hooray! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it! (Might do another one late on Saturday night.)

  4. Sam,

    Aww, Lucky! :3

    He’s pleased with how you’ve drawn him, he says you can now bask in his glory.
    I recognize Lucky and Outlaw Cat, but who are the other mysterious strangers??

    I loved watching this, as well as listening. I started waking around the house with the volume up! Also I love scary cat, I’d get it on a t-shirt or even a little window decal.

  5. Christy,

    Loved the second one especially!

  6. ratchetcat,