The Hidden Garden

Today, some photographs from my most recent geocaching adventure.

The first geocache of the day required me to lurk for awhile in the woods near some wolf pens as muggles idly wandered past with their walking sticks and bicycles. Trying to remain inconspicuous, I adopted the outward guise of a naturalist very concerned with the health of the forest ecosystem.

(Perhaps I was too close to the wolves, though — as time wore on, I found myself watching everyone closely for any sign of weakness or frailty.)


Some time later, I came to a path littered with the bones of tiny hopes.


That path eventually (inevitably?) led me to a hidden garden deep in the woods.


Geocaching will take you to some fascinating secret places — as well as test your cunning. Just be sure to bring snacks if you must linger near wild animals and ambulatory buffets other people for any length of time.

Update 2009-03-25: Here’s a sharpened version of the gravestone image. The dates appear to be 1908 and 1911 (or 1917?). The deterioration — and probably the photography — make the rest of the writing difficult to discern.

Update 2009-05-17: I’ve taken more pictures of wolves recently. Please see All Wolves Must Sleep and You Silent Mirror, You Wolf.


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  1. Kate,

    😀 Aw, I envy your hunt! Wolves, secret gardens–ambulatory buffets!–an adventure indeed! (All the way back to… 1511? 1917? Do we know what the stone says??)