Brain Rock


After rediscovering it in the backyard yesterday, I felt a strange compulsion to place it upon a pedestal — preferably angular — constructed of meteoric iron.

(All I could find was a wooden stake, though.)


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  1. Kate,

    Wow. When you said “Brian Rock” I never envisioned something _this_ close in likeness. It looks as though it just may be a geode, but I shudder to think what would happen if you hammered it open and it wasn’t internally encrusted with crystals. _Would_ the brain-rock forces flood our world from their underground lair? And what method of transportation would they select? Not to mention, their difficult choice of stylish head-wear once they climb into the surface world…

    (I did have an ever-so frighteningly bizarre nightmare in which I was surfing along side one; they can really pull off some shove-its, who knew? 🙂 )

  2. Sam,

    Oh good god, it _does_ look like a brain. Or… a wad of gum… though I guess that’s even scarier — as something bigger would have had to chew it… something with a _bigger_ brain.

  3. ratchetcat,

    @Kate — There are many good reasons for not hammering the brain rock open. Avoiding a major diplomatic incident with the hidden host of brain rocks might rank at the top, though.

    (Surfing rocks… must have really buoyant surfboards! ;))

    @Sam — A truly terrifying proposal! The scientific community — no, the whole world — must be warned at once!