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Attack Walruses Redux




A few of the better pieces from the other night.

Live Painting: Noodling Around

Painting and sketching for a little while right now at

All done for tonight!

(Background audio may include Aimee Mann, Stars, Fleet Foxes, Regina Spektor, She & Him, Kate Bush, Andrew Bird, Alexi Murdoch, Loney Dear, and The Decemberists.)

Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!


Planned to go geocaching in a local park today, but alas, I left it too late! Maybe this weekend…

Extreme Sheep LED Art

(Sure, sure, it’s viral advertising… but I’m all for unexpected viral advertising. How about those sheep dogs, eh?)

The Eyes of Trees

In the foreground, an owl peers out from a hole in a large tree. In the background, The Orange Cat is seen silhouetted against a bright sky beneath the ruins of an ancient arch.

Ship of The City Canyon


This past weekend, I went geocaching with my good friend Christy and Sam the Geodog. 😉

We found our first cache with some difficulty, but the next two went pretty smoothly as we worked out how to properly adjust the resolution of the GPS. The latter caches led us across surreal foggy landscapes populated by twisting bridges and rocky mountain outcrops.

Three caches in one day! Not bad for former muggles.

(If you have the time, I really recommend getting involved in the practice. Beyond discovering hidden treasures everywhere, it’s a great opportunity to explore the outdoors and take photographs!)


A bird dog stands in the foreground next to a half-buried container (a geocache). Rocks and irregular landscape stretch into the distance beyond the dog, spotted with large evergreen trees.

The Sunshine Underground

The Orange Cat is silhouetted while he walks upon an old road. Through the trees surrounding the road, rays of sunlight are visible.

I love Saturday.

Night By Map And Moon

The Orange Cat sits at a drawing table within a large stone room -- like that of an old castle. A tapestry on the wall depicts a fierce dragon. A map is stretched across the surface of the drawing table and the cat is drawing upon it with a pen made specially for his paws. His gaze is distracted by the sight of the quarter moon outside a nearby window and the moonlit forest beneath.

When you’re taking a trip, one must have maps.

…and then decorate the unknown places with monsters and dire warnings!



(This one turned out well. I like the happy expressions… and really, who doesn’t enjoy chasing butterflies?)