On The Construction Of Maps

Late Sunday afternoon, two friends and I again ventured forth in search of hidden things. These exertions were well rewarded.



In time, we came upon several geese and their newly constructed nests.


Their watchful guardian was near to hand, but gave us leave to pass in peace.


As the afternoon began to wane, we found ourselves hiking deep into the forest on trails which rose into lands illuminated by a curious light.


In a place such as this, one must carefully observe shadows — they will adopt guises both strange and familiar.



A return from such realms is secured only at some cost.



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  1. Fortson,

    Beautiful photos – you have a really good eye for light.
    Especially like the one of your shadows!

  2. Sam,

    🙂 cute geese! I love the ones hanging out in the nests, they look so sleepy.

  3. ratchetcat,

    @Fortson – Thanks! Shooting on the go like this has forced me to loosen up a lot more with the photos and begin playing the game of framing and contrast again. For what it’s worth, I still chucked about 3/4 of the resulting shots (70 out of 95) due to soft focus or uninteresting compositions and subjects.

    (Still not where I want to be… but shooting more will fix that!)

    @Sam – They are cute… until they start eating kneecaps! :O

    They were quite surprisingly docile in spite of the fact we were passing so closely (within three feet). They didn’t budge from where they stood relative to their nests, but didn’t go after anyone, either… (well, until someone inadvisably tried to take their dog through).

  4. Sam,

    Haha, I know, I know. I was attacked by many as a kid. It’s even more scary when they follow you :O. Or as Kate and I witnessed a few days ago, have wars with other geese over the ponds. (Also watching flying geese communicate with swimming geese and land in triangular formation — though that was pretty cool and not so scary.)

    Perhaps they knew they could take you down if you got any closer, or… maybe they were just too tired!

    I can’t be for certain, the only geese I’ve ever encountered were the very few mother goose looking ones in AZ, that were incredibly mean and terriorial (and would actually fly out of the pond to attack you), and the Canadian geese up here, which haven’t attacked me yet but follow me in hopes I’ll toss some tasty left over bread at them, or waddled slowly around me and make leery honks.

  5. Kate,

    I’m jealous of the find and the geese. All we have squawking around here are honkers migrated from “The Great White North.”

  6. ratchetcat,

    @Sam – You’re probably right. These geese were probably just showing some rare mercy to us. I have been around those mother goose types before — white geese — and they definitely have attitude issues. People tend to feed them more, though, so they may grow irritated with anyone who doesn’t.

    @Kate – Thus far, the Greylags and Canadian geese are the only ones I’ve seen here. I kind of wish I had a map of where some of these birds nested in the Spring… as well as their relative levels of aggression!