April 2009
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Day April 7, 2009

Bookmarks for April 7th

  • Colin Pantall: How Not To Photograph – An ongoing series of articles covering trite photographic themes. My great personal sins: Dawn of the Dead and The 5th Flyover.
  • When does a shtick become a shtick? – Jörg Colberg examines when art photography ‘jumps the shark’: "A well known photographer once told me that an extremely well known and influential gallerist had told him that the road to success was to find one's niche and then to simply produce work that way (think babies in "cute" dresses or Weimaraners or overly Photoshoped celebrities or whatever else you can think of). I suppose that works nicely if seen with the eyes of someone who knows how to sell work – after all, what appeals to people (and thus sells nicely) today should do so tomorrow, right?

    But as someone interested in art as somebody's personal expression, it strikes me as listening to music where the record is stuck on the player and is coming back to the coming back to the coming back to the coming back to the coming back to the same groove over and over again."

  • I Am Going To Make It Through This Year Even If It Kills Me – Helpful tips for acknowledging what's done and moving on.
  • Never Work With Friends? – Best answer: "Keep it professional. Pay as much as you usually would, expect the service you usually would, and make sure everyone understands up-front that this is how it's going to go down."
  • DIY Freaks Flock to ‘Hacker Spaces’ Worldwide | Gadget Lab from Wired.com – "'There are zillions of people around the world doing this,' says Altman, referring to the swell of interest in do-it-yourself projects and hacking. 'It's a worldwide community.'

    At the center of this community are hacker spaces like Noisebridge, where like-minded geeks gather to work on personal projects, learn from each other and hang out in a nerd-friendly atmosphere. Like artist collectives in the '60s and '70s, hacker spaces are springing up all over."