Nine Inch Nails Location Aware Application

Thanks to Samosaur for the heads-up on this interesting use of location-aware technology. I particularly like the inclusion of location obfuscation for security conscious users.


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  1. Sam,

    I see you spy on my twitter! It is a pretty nifty thing they came up with, and maybe hopefully it’ll come out for other such things. From what I know it’s mostly for iPhones. Seen as it hooks up to his site as well, it would be interesting to see what people can come up with if this expands — which I think it will.

  2. ratchetcat,

    NIN’s recent efforts — focused on building an audience around the music and promoting interactions within that community — are really interesting to watch. This clever application seems a great way to further increase the flow of those interactions.

    It’s really fascinating to watch these sorts of developments as creative people build audiences around their work.

    Yes, I am a part-time Twitter spy — a holdover from my brief, fierce Twitter addiction of many months ago. 😉 As with the application above, there’s a lot of appeal to the high velocity of conversation and interaction there — it’s a good way to take a read on the current interests of a lot of interesting people.

  3. Sam,

    🙂 Trent Reznor has always been clever, specially when it comes to his fan base. He has a way of building a great relationship with fans and keeping them there, and sometimes it’s for his own benefit! He knows what he wants and surrounds himself with other clever and inventive people. So this should work out nicely.

    I think this will definitely expand to other such devices, it’s just so appealing and innovated. I think a lot of bloggers and the like will use this.

    Haha, I don’t use my twitter much, but I really should. 😀 If I find you on there I’ll add you or… something.