The Fifth Discovery

They found it in the depths of the wetlands there — gathering all the light, tumorous, bearded in still-green moss.



The disturbances were first noticed almost a thousand years earlier. Marginalia inscribed by some nameless, freezing monk upon that famous map: “Site 5: Halted water, prismatic light; instruments inaccurate — ”



The passage concluded: “Interference patterns evident in behavior of fauna — 2-5-1933 Akron.” Two hyphens, a date, a name. “Low-theta glyphs” according to the literature. Unimportant.



In the face of that ageless, dark concretion, significance itself has none.


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  1. Fortson,

    Doesn’t it look like those ducks are plotting some sort of misdeed?! They look furtive, if you ask me…

  2. Kate,

    …Or they’re just looking for a game of four-square…

  3. ratchetcat,

    If those ducks are plotting a game of four-square, none can blame them for looking furtive and suspicious.