Light And Power





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  1. Fortson,

    All ready to load up that RV and hit the road. Wonder if it has shag carpet and avocado-colored paneling inside?

  2. Awww that little winnebago has such a sad look on her face.

  3. Kate,

    😀 Your two most recent posts are fantastical! I love the detail, the depth; light and power is right!

    Now I really feel like I should go on a road-trip…

  4. ratchetcat,

    @Fortson, @saintneko – Isn’t that thing great? Would be fun to spend a few months traveling around in that beast.

    @Kate – Thanks! 🙂 Roadside photography is fun! It’s pretty rare for me to get a keeper. Anything that turns out well is due to timing and luck, rather than controlled exposure — which is entirely different from my usual mode of shooting… and sort of liberating, too.