All Wolves Must Sleep




Update 2009-05-17: Looking for more wolf photographs? Please see The Hidden Garden and You Silent Mirror, You Wolf.


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  1. Real wolves? Guess you’re puttin that telephoto to good use… or have an extra camera bag to haul around your cojones in.

  2. Sam,

    So pretty! All we have around here are some noisey coyotes, fat foxes, and the occasional opossum. Oh, and some raccoons, but they just get stuck in trash bins and chimneys.

    Lucky — and a bit intimidating to get wolves around (the only place I get to see them is at the zoo), I especially love the bottom one, he looks so calm 🙂

  3. Kate,

    Hah-hah! Sam’s right, raccoons in my chimney! That poor little guy! He got in and started slipping, instantly figuring he _did not_ want to be in there and started struggling his way back up. It was a rather eventful thing for 4AM.

    These shots are very pretty. I particularly like the first shot, with the sneaky wolf in the background; and the last shot where (s)he seems so curious in what you’re doing (but not curious enough to get up!). Is this some sort sanctuary for the fluffy-footed canines? Or are you just one with the ways of the wood?? 😀

  4. ratchetcat,

    These are real wolves. However, I was separated from them by a good ten feet of vertical fence. 😉 They’re part of a habitat of grey wolves at a local park.

    They blend in to the forest setting really well. I imagine you could walk right past them in the wild without seeing them… and they’re fairly quiet when they’re trotting around their habitat (even in a pack). A domesticated dog is much, much louder in comparison.

    I caught them during their afternoon nap — they apparently sleep through the warmest parts of the day and become active in the early morning and late evening. (Hence that look of ‘Oh, bother…’ you see in the last picture; I get that look a lot when shooting with the noisy 20d… the shutter could wake the dead.)

    No noisy coyotes here… and no foxes that I’ve seen lately. We certainly have raccoons — but fortunately, none have ever attempted a home invasion!

    They leave that to the squirrels. D:

  5. Sam,

    Uhg… the coyotes are noisy, when you get a large group (mostly when they hunt), they actually sound like a bunch of little kids laughing. It’s so eerie.

    Actually when Kate and I were working on the giraffe we had a large group out and about around the neighborhood. We were out in the garage when probably 20 of them started going off about something, upsetting dogs in their backyards… then all of it went dead silent at the same time. It was just weird. Though I guess common for coyotes… the foxes are smart, I’ve only seen about three while here, all of them usually just leaving the area as I spot them.

    We’ve no quarrels with squirrels.