Ways And Doors




A few more roadside pictures to finish out the week.


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  1. Kate,

    Photo love. 🙂

    “The Long Way Home” has so many lines your eyes can follow: the street, and the power-line across at the top of the frame; the drive that leads back to the house; the other power-lines that vanish into the distance… it’s great. I also very much enjoy the “epic” cloud cover of the first image; but that may just be my own odd obsession with clouds in my shots.

  2. Fortson,

    There must be a story about that basket of silk sunflowers!
    The slight sag in the barn roof over the opening is such a neat counterpoint to the plumbness of the tractor shed…

  3. ratchetcat,

    @Kate – Good eye! Yes, those strong leading lines are a big part of what make “The Long Way Home” an interesting image. 🙂 You’re not alone in your obsession with clouds, either. I’ve been shooting the sky like mad lately! (For study; one of these days, I’ll actually figure out how to paint them properly.)

    @Fortson – I’ve been wondering about that basket, myself! 🙂 You must be right that they’re silk… could they be real at all? That side of the building is in direct sunlight for about half of the day… hmm.

    I hadn’t even noticed the lines of the rooves… That’s the sort of thing which makes a picture! (Just wish I’d caught this one at a more oblique angle… well, try, try again…)