Lost Dzimba



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  1. Someday, I’m gonna live along a river.

  2. Kate,

    Watch your step 🙂

  3. Sam,

    Are you one of those people, who walk past things and think “I wonder if there’s a tiny city in there… am I disturbiung them? And do the denizens see me — study me too?” and go on this huge list of questions while staring at an empty hole in a tree?

    _I know I am_.

  4. ratchetcat,

    @Saintneko – That last line in 912 Greens by Ramblin’ Jack Elliot captures it pretty well…

    @Kate – To be sure! I would rather not step on someone’s diminutive house.

    @Sam – Of course! The world is vast and mysterious. I often wonder what I’m not seeing — either due to preconception or camouflage.

    In Rome, I’ve heard of basements opening onto entire hidden streets and villas. In Turkey, there are vast, abandoned underground cities. If we accept there is no limit to the dimension of this world’s secrets, we must allow that such spaces exist at every scale.

  5. Sam,

    I really wouldn’t doubt that. They have some show I’ve seen now and then about underground citys and they take a look around them — pretty interesting if you ever catch it on.

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one. My friends think I’m weird for it… besides I’m almost positive that there are tiny little villages in the grass.

  6. Kate,

    (The cryptic voice of Rod Serling just popped into my head uttering: “They’re positive you’re there too, Sam.”)

  7. ratchetcat,

    Rod Serling: “Are those glinting lights the result of dew falling upon the meadow? Or the diminutive lights of a tiny town concealed within the grasses? Samosaur is about to enter… The Twilight Zone.”

  8. Kate,

    ♫♪…Dodedodo dodedodo…