Outlaw Cat Wishes You Well


Always sign a cast with veiled threats, not platitudes.


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  1. Fortson,

    What a relief – had thought the days of cast signing were over when they stopped using ‘plaster’ casts! Back in elementary school, having a cast for other people to sign was cooler than yearbooks…

  2. Kate,

    Ah… Outlaw Cat. How loveably versatile you are. Who’s been caught with a case of the Broken-bits? I’m certain the threats of a lawless feline will help the healing process greatly. 🙂

  3. ratchetcat,

    @Fortson – A good point! Signing a cast or wearing a cast on which things are signed is a rite of passage. (Hopefully, the future won’t take that away, too…)

    @Kate – Oh, indeed! The scoundrel is without the law! He penned a short medical paper recently — which he will doubtless publish through extortion — purporting that threats promote circulation and therefore healing.

    (The broken bits actually belong to a friend of mine… who is definitely improving!)