May 2009
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Day May 11, 2009

Broken Stone

Sketch depicting a perspective view of a city street as seen from far above. Regular, triangular walkways stretch off a building to the right and a vast vaulted entry opens into a building to the left.

J’accuse! – Visited By A Black And White Cat

In this photograph, a small cat with black and white markings stares into the camera with narrowed eyes. Only its head and upper shoulders are visible over the grass in the foreground.

In this photograph, the black and white cat is leading out over the edge of a stump -- much closer to the viewer.

A photograph of the cat sitting on the stump, peering out at the viewer between the branches of a small tree.

The cat is seen sitting upon a stump, gazing calmly at the viewer. The stump is decorated with small toadstool mushrooms.

Since when did the gendarmerie begin recruiting cats? Since forever.