May 2009
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Day May 14, 2009

Crew Of The Norge

Crewmen of the Norge airship regard plans for handling the deflation of the airship after landing at Teller, Alaska.

After landing at Teller, Alaska on May 14, 1926, the airship Norge was deflated and disassembled for shipping back to Europe. Here, the crewmen regard papers related to the operation. (In retrospect, this might be more realistic if the gentleman in the foreground were holding a pipe or crowbar rather than paper.)

Due diligence for this kind of illustration demands I study a lot of old outerwear and photographs of the period (even if it doesn’t yet show in the resulting sketches). I recently came across an excellent site for that purpose entitled Archival Clothing, maintained and composed by Leslie Larson. Highly recommended for those with more than a passing interest in vintage clothing styles.