Heat Reflections

Several old china coffee cups, plates, and saucers stacked within a cupboard.

A broken chair, still stately, sits before an open garage door.

A motorcyclist bows into the headwind as he accelerates on the interstate.


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  1. Fortson,

    Great shot of the biker – keep thinking he’s missing his goggles and and white scarf. Wonder where he’s travelling?

  2. Fortson,

    The Rosenthal is really, really lovely. There’s something really tender about the way the shot is composed.

  3. ratchetcat,

    I wonder where the biker is going, too. The machine is piled high with baggage. Must be a long trip ahead or a long trip behind. (A perfect endeavor as summer begins.)

    (Took the picture of the Rosenthal early on a Saturday morning — while preparing to pack it. Sunlight was streaming in through the skylight in the kitchen. If you look close, you’ll see me holding a paper towel to bounce light up from below.)