The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is an upcoming video game created by Team Ico — an enigmatic crew of artist engineers responsible for Shadow of the Colossus and Ico.

If you’re at all familiar with the latter works, you’ll have heard they aren’t games in the traditional sense at all. The label simply can’t encompass what they encompass: the cryptic landscape of the player’s subconscious, the thundering engines of myth, and a thin, frail hope.

The following video is a trailer for The Last Guardian. It’s short, but already the form of the work is visible.

Does it have big, goofy ears? Give it a head rub.


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  1. Sam,

    :O I want!!

    I would give it a head rub any day :). I’m wondering what sort of adventures these two will go on…

    I love Team Ico, their work is always _stunning_.

  2. Kate,

    I have a feeling I’ll need to save up for this game, or track down a friend with a PS3 and rely on their hospitality for a few evenings. I can’t wait! 😀 (And now I feel that I must dig out Colossus again…)

  3. ratchetcat,

    True, Sam — Team Ico has created the most compelling worlds I can remember (next to films by Miyazaki and a few others).

    Kate, I’m in the same boat — no PS3 right now. It’s going to be tricky to finance, but I’m not sure I can resist the call of the Gryphon… or the promise of beauty and mystery within that virtual world.

    (As soon as I posted this, I immediately started thinking about Colossus. Might have to play through again, myself… I miss Agro so much. The best horse ever.)

  4. Sam,

    Indeed, I love his films, they always leave me feeling a bit dazed and refreshed (not sure if that makes sense). Colossus leaves me with that need for adventure.

    Alas, I’m with you both, no PS3. Agro was a great horse, I remember being ticked and sad when he fell off the bridge, the whole game I had this trusty friend and then it dies?? What was that? Of course Agro was deemed best horse ever for surviving it. Well that and running to you despite the giant earth monster with a sword behind you.

    Though, I vaguely remember Kate asking “Who drugged my horse?”. Agro was a bit questionable at times. Maybe it was really liquid courage…

  5. ratchetcat,

    Ha ha! Yes, Agro was questionable at times. I remember trying to “Agro surf” — ie, stand on his back while he was running at full speed. Don’t think I was ever successful, but I’m fairly certain I saw a video of someone doing it.

    (There was another video of someone catching one of the birds and being taken for a short ride across the canyon separating the giant temple from the realms of the Colossuses. Another wonderful thing to try sometime. Ah, here we go…)

  6. Sam,

    I kept trying to get onto a hawk but always failed. Though I did get on a dove a few times, but you know… I weighed ’em down. Agro also trample a few doves, they actually die… I was a little shocked. Then again I don’t think real doves would survive a horse stepping on them. Kate used to Agro surf a lot, though I never succeed either.

    That horse… the thoroughbred of sin.

  7. ratchetcat,

    Ha ha! “Thoroughbred of Sin” is such a great title for Agro. 🙂

    (Now I am going to have to play it again… there was nothing more satisfying than bursting out of the darkness of the temple astride Agro and urging him to run faster and faster across the plains.)

  8. Sam,

    Bad horse, bad horse!

    He rides across the nation, the thoroughbred of sin! 😀

    (from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long-blog of course)