La Dame Bleue

The Blue Lady

A quick portrait.


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  1. Sam,

    I like the bit of blue amongst the warmth, it adds a nice touch. I’m also fond of her expression as well, and how soft it all comes off.

    (I also notice some french lately!)

  2. ratchetcat,

    Much thanks, Sam. 😉 Trying to expand the use of color lately.

    This little sketch was inspired in part by a vague memory of Marcel Duchamp’s wonderful early portrait work — I distinctly remember several featuring ladies and flower-covered headwear.

    Expressions are one of my real artistic weak points. The method by which the lower half of a face conveys emotion is still largely a mystery — so almost everything is conveyed through the set of the eyes.

    (More practice needed, clearly! 😉 )

  3. Sam,

    Of course 🙂

    What are you talking about?? You’re expressions are wonderful (at least I think so).

    I’ll have to look into Marcel when I have better internet access (Hotel Clerks are agressively suspicious — can’t say I blame them though).

  4. ratchetcat,

    You’re too kind. 😉

    I highly recommend Duchamp. His work turned the art world on its head in the early 20th century and still generates surprising conversations today. For example: this excellent New York Times article titled “Taking Jokes By Duchamp To Another Level of Art” by Sarah Boxer.