Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Two fawns sit camouflaged amid fallen leaves in early Summer.

An Otter pauses briefly at the edge of a pool before slipping into the water.

A Wolf regards the photographer while resting on its hutch in early Summer.

Working my way through Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross now. What can I say? I have a fascination for solid techno-Lovecraftian science fiction… at which Stross excels. Additionally, he taught me a terrific new word: bampot.

The photographs above are the result of the same photo hike which produced Curious Wolf and I present these images as evidence that most animals basically do nothing all day long.

That may explain why — excepting otters — one rarely sees animals which qualify as bampots.


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  1. I got “Halting State” by Stross but haven’t been able to get into it.

  2. Hemay,

    Regarding “bampot” : “This term is often used affectionately among close friends.”

    I’ll have to remember this. 🙂

    Sweet critters. As warm as it has been, lazy is the way to be.

  3. ratchetcat,

    @saintneko – I’ve got the same problem with that particular novel. Going to try again one of these days. Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise are a bit different from the other work by Stross. They resemble the work of Lois McMaster Bujold: traditional sci-fi invigorated with touches of the Singularity. They’re filled with great characters, tech, and situations.

    @hemay – Definitely so.

  4. Angela,

    I protest! Sir Otter is not being lazy – merely narcissistic. He is quite active in his contemplation of his magnificence.

    I love these wildlife shots of yours. They’re gorgeous.

  5. ratchetcat,

    @Angela – A fair hypothesis. Though the otter offends our visual cortices, it is not outside of reason to assert the animal finds its own appearance appealing… and labors to arrange every disreputable, scrofulous detail.

    I shall think further on it.

    ( Glad you’re enjoying the photographs. 🙂 If you like these, may I suggest Ark Hunter’s recent efforts, too? The man is tearing it up over there. )

  6. Kate,

    There are days I consider joining them in their lackadaisical style, but then something shiny catches my eye and I’m compelled to dash blindly after it with my camera in toe. Recently, I’ve run into many a refrigerators that way.

  7. Perhaps “Halting State” is too post-modern for my current tastes. Either he’s ahead of his time or just off his rocker. 🙂

  8. ratchetcat,

    @Kate – I hope the refrigerators were docile. Wild refrigerators are quite a handful, as I’m sure you know. In that situation, one might use the camera’s flash to blind the refrigerator and simultaneously take a remarkable picture of consumer goods gone awry.

    @saintneko – I suspect the latter. Stross has a strange turn to him, that’s for certain.