Lost Dzimba Rediscovered?

Katensam stunned the world today with remarkable evidence that the fabled metropolis known to archeologists as “Lost Dzimba” may yet exist.

Catagraph.us highlighted an illustration of the ruins of “Lost Dzimba” in early May.

This is entirely unparalleled.

Readers are urged to study the astounding similarities and sublime differences between these new photographs and the original illustration. Our congratulations to the discoverers for again bringing this treasure to the attention of the world.


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  1. I thought those were river cakes! 😀

  2. ratchetcat,

    They do look delicious.

  3. Kate,

    Plastering the wooden blocks together was _indeed_ similar to frosting cakes. My brother visited me (in brotherly fashion to steal food and use my clothes washer), and curiously asked what I was “baking.” 😉